We live in a litigious society where everyone has a degree of liability exposure in their daily lives and business operations. The attorneys at Heller Espenkotter help our clients manage risk and, when it is appropriate, assist them to shelter their assets from potential judgment creditors. We counsel our clients on the use and efficacy of the numerous creditor exemptions provided under Florida law including homestead, retirement benefits, annuities, life insurance, “Head of Household” protections, and tenancies by the entireties. When state law is insufficient, we help our clients restructure their assets to reduce exposure to attachment from potential judgement creditors. These techniques include the use of limited partnerships, limited liability companies, creditor protected trusts (e.g. marital trusts, gift trusts for family members), self-settled domestic asset protection trusts and offshore asset protection plans. Our integrative approach often includes asset protection planning as part of a client’s estate plan so that risk management is built into his or her wills, trusts and business entities and that they all work seamlessly together.